Organizational History and Qualifications

Organizational History and Qualifications

Company Stability

Tidwell & Associates, Inc. has a successful 32-year history of providing a full continuum of consultative services to support effective development, implementation, and evaluation of educational (PreK-12), health and mental health, and human service programs. We have conducted 44 comprehensive evaluations of federally funded grant projects and have successfully written grants which were awarded for approximately $300,000,000. See our Grants & Projects for the diversity we have written over the years, but a general theme for grants are those which impact on high risk populations.

Our company utilizes contractual consultants who are selected based on the specific needs of each project.

Responsibilities are assigned according to our staff and contractual consultants’ areas of strength and interest.

All project activities are fully coordinated among the staff and contractual consultants to ensure the entire team knows what is happening with the project(s) to which they are assigned. Coordination is accomplished using face to face meetings, conference calls, web-based conferences, telephone, and email.

Tidwell & Associates Inc

The firm has an excellent reputation for conducting evaluation studies for state and local agencies.

We offer a specialized set of qualifications that will enable us to conduct evaluations including comprehensive experience evaluating programs; senior consultants who are well versed in conducting data collection activities in various states; and technical capacity to manage databases.

Statement of Qualifications

Tidwell & Associates’ corporate qualifications include:

  • Knowledge and understanding of educational environments, including community, regulatory, workforce, cultural, legal, and other socioeconomic factors that impact decisions regarding schools.
  • Experience in conducting multiple program evaluations of educational, human service, and correctional programs.
  • Comprehensive experience in all components vital to the successful completion of an extensive evaluation of education, corrections and human service initiatives.
  • Extensive history of successful working relationships with agencies and school districts serving children and youth in New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina And South Carolina.
  • Experience and relationship with federal representatives at SAMHSA, Department of Education, and Department of Justice.
  • Knowledge and experience with evidence-based programs and supporting research;
  • Objectivity and flexibility.
  • Capacity to develop instruments, protocols, and processes to meet the specialized needs of each project.
  • Membership in the American Evaluation Association and adherence to AEA’s guiding principles
  • Experience in proposal development and evaluation of multiple SAMHSA initiatives.

Tidwell & Associates, Inc. values close and structured working relationships to ensure challenges and successes are communicated promptly, thus minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.

Our corporate office is located in Columbia, South Carolina.

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