Welcome to Tidwell & Associates, Inc

Welcome to Tidwell & Associates, Inc

For 32 years Tidwell & Associates, Inc. has been providing grant writing expertise to clients in state and local government, school districts, and profit and nonprofit organizations to acquire over $300 million in Federal, State, and private grants.

Our mission is to

To provide insightful, reality-based consultation that results in dynamic change for people and systems.

To demonstrate sincerity, integrity, and dependability in achieving excellence.

Why Select Us?

Solid grant writing experience and demonstrated SUCCESS

  • Comprehensive, high quality grant evaluations
  • Outside the box thinking, sees the big picture
  • Master in linkages and partnerships
  • Timely response
  • Logical, seasoned approach for system change
  • Creative, Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge of multiple systems
  • Connections that make things happen

Mr. Ritchie Tidwell

Mr. Ritchie Tidwell, owner and president, holds a B.S. degree in Journalism from the University of Florida and an M.S. degree in Criminology from Florida State University. Known for his 16 years of successful government administration, Mr. Tidwell has revolutionized the concepts of program development, grant development, needs assessment and program evaluation and special studies. He is recognized for his accomplishments in federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as in the private sector.

Mr. Tidwell has had extensive senior level government experience, including:

  • Serving as a committee director for the Florida House of Representatives.
  • Administering multi-million dollar grant programs in two states.
  • Directing public safety programs for the Governor in South Carolina to include legislative policy initiatives.
Tidwell & Associates Inc
Mara Jones, Senior Director, The Institute for Children and Families, The Epworth Home, Columbia, SC and Ritchie Tidwell
Ritchie Tidwell, President
Tidwell & Associates Inc
Ritchie Tidwell with Former SC Governor Richard Riley
Ritchie and John Magill, Former Director of SC Dept. of Mental Health
Ritchie and John Magill, Former Director of SC Dept. of Mental Health

Since beginning his consulting practice 32 years ago, his firm has:

  • Acquired over $300 million in grant funds.
  • Evaluated numerous programs in the areas of alcohol and other drug abuse, mental health, school-based programs, technology initiatives, violence prevention programs, and victim service programs.
  • Served as the lead consultant for statewide and multi-county plans in the areas of safe schools, victim assistance, juvenile justice reform, infant mortality, mental health, and indigent defense.
  • Conducted many needs assessments for state and local agencies and school districts.

Your organization or special project deserves professional direction to establish a vision for a sound future. Tidwell & Associates, Inc.'s professional services will target strengths, weaknesses and new directions for project initiatives. Their sound strategy and landmark decision making create achievement and excellence in the field of grant writing, program development, and evaluation.

To learn more about how Tidwell & Associates, Inc. can meet your program evaluation and funding needs:

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